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I bought my Vestax A1-MkII tables back in 1997, along with a PMC-03a mixer. I didn’t like the mixer, so I traded it in and got a Pioneer DJM 500, which I kept for a few years, but then eventually got the Vestax PVC-275.

They are all still going strong, I have never had to replace any parts on any of them (obviously apart from replacement styli on to my Ortofon cartridges). So they are 22 years old this year and still going strong.

I only wish I could afford the StpVx Phoenix mixer, as I know I would keep that for at least another 25+ years, but as I do not DJ as much as I* used to, I cannot justify the price (and my wife would go mad and kill me).

It’s nice to see Vestax come back into the market though – all this controller / digital stuff is OK; but I still prefer the feel and sound of vinyl – through a quality analogue mixer and then played loudly through quality amplifiers and speakers; I sincerely hope Vestax will become a major player back in the DJ market soon.