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We received a heartwarming message from past Vestax user.

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I have been collecting record since approx. 1999. I have been a long time Vestax Fan!

I was originally introduced to your brand with the PMC275 (3x channel gold mixer), I loved this mixer and I was heavily into just mixing records back then.

Soon afterwards I got into scratching and invested in the PMC07ISP, still to this date my favorite mixer of all time, nice clean layout, solid build, surround sound ability – just WOW! It still has the original fader in there, which feels butter smooth and must have had so much abuse over the years.

I have never seen this (quadraphonic) anywhere else and it’s such a cool function. Hehehe I then bought another unit as a spare I loved it so much!

Since then I have acquired quite a collection of mixers and turntables. The PMC07PRO, PMC06D (Samurai), PMC08 (my second favorite mixer, loved the fader control functions of this, this really took the turntablist scene to the next level in my honest opinion.).

I have the PDX2300 mk1, although I love this table, I still prefer the slightly older generation tables, I think they sounded better, but they didn’t have the ultra pitch.

The PDX8000 is one of my most prized possessions, took me years to find one, I wish I could get a second unit so I had a pair, the Yamaha inspired arm on it is so good!!!

I also have been working on customizing my old PDXD3S mk2. I had the plinth resprayed with a purple flake paint job, it looks almost as good as the red PDX8000. I have sourced the J shape dynamic balance arm for this and will be fitting that arm to it probably next week. I can’t wait to test it out!!!

Long story short, I love the Vestax brand. I’m so sad that you are not making scratch mixers anymore. You were always so far ahead of the competition.