Unique Brazilian DJ "bikebeats"

Music can be played even without the power supply anywhere!

Ricardo Bertello Vilaris AKA bikebeats is a DJ who travels with his bike and his DJ equipment as plays his music with solar power in Brazil. As you can see the photo below, he carries his turntables, mixer, and speakers by his bicycle which is attached solar panel.(He has Vestax PMC 06 Pro.)

The way he delivers music is the original form of music. Music is everywhere in this world and shouldnft be obsessed the location. For me, his style of carrying music is the future.

*Ricardofs comment*

Discotecar on the street, without relying on energy, promoting music is one of the most fantastic things Ifve ever done c.. no money to pay for it I read a lot about gPhoenixh, itfs totally amazing c. a magic should be playing in a mixer like this Ifm looking forward to seeing the new Vestax products, I loved the PMC 06 Pro. It would be a great pleasure to appear on the Vestax website c I very much hope the new products of vestax, solar-powered mixer would be a dream c.. solar energy technology is still small here in Brazil, a pity for being a tropical country c. but I think solar energy is future c

Thank you for your corporation bikebeats! Letfs make the world a better place together !