28 09, 2001


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"Vestax TO THE CORE", a complete DJ and street culture lifestyle store. Awards; PMC-07Pro and PMC-270 - Best Mixer, PDX-2000 Best Turntable, VRX-2000 the Most Innovative Product.

31 12, 2000


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Debut of the VRX-2000, PMC-170A BEST MIXER OF THE YEAR and GOOD DESIGN AWARD, PDX-2000 Best Turntable of the year award in the UK and GOOD DESIGN AWARD in Japan.

31 12, 1999


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PDX-a1S is awarded "Best Turntable of the Year" in Europe, PDS-d3S is selected as a official turntable by "HOME" and "FABRIC". Releases a vinyl cutting machine, VRX-2000.