2803, 2019

Unique Brazilian DJ “bikebeats”

March 28th, 2019|NEWS|

Music can be played even without the power supply anywhere!

Ricardo Bertello Vilaris AKA bikebeats is a DJ who travels with his bike and his DJ equipment as plays his music with solar power in Brazil. As you can see the photo below, he carries his turntables, mixer, and speakers by his bicycle which is attached solar panel.(He has Vestax PMC 06 Pro.)

The way he delivers music is the original form of music. Music is everywhere in this world and shouldn’t be obsessed the location. For me, his style of carrying music is the future.

*Ricardo’s comment*

Discotecar on the street, without relying on energy, promoting music is one of the most fantastic things I’ve ever done ….. no money to pay for it I read a lot about “Phoenix”, it’s totally amazing …. a magic should be playing in a mixer like this I’m looking forward to seeing the new Vestax products, I loved the PMC 06 Pro. It would be a great pleasure to appear on the Vestax website … I very much hope the new products of vestax, solar-powered mixer would be a dream ….. solar energy technology is still small here in Brazil, a pity for being a tropical country …. but I think solar energy is future …

Thank you for your corporation bikebeats! Let’s make the world a better place together!

2203, 2019

The UK DJ chimpion DJ Miss Tyson

March 22nd, 2019|NEWS|

Let me  introduce our brilliant supporter Julie Sacre and her promising students.

*We really appreciate that they gave us the permission to introduce them in our website and also thank Hinchley Wood School which allowed us to use its name here.


Julie Sacre has been running DJ workshops in schools for the last 16 years. Julie was the redemption UK DJ of the year in 1998 and was sponsored by Vestax and featured on MTV, Julie worked closely with Vestax and after winning £4,000 of Vestax equipment she became a life long fan!


After being a professional DJ for 10 years she got asked by a school to teach students with behaviour issues,

She got the job and then found out that the schools had been sponsored by Vestax! So our paths crossed again !


Julie has continued to use the Vestax PDX2000 turntables for school and has her own personal Vestax PDX3000 decks at home!

She also uses the the Vestax PMC -05 mixer for school and at home .


*Julie’s comment*

The reason that I love Vestax turntables so much is that the pitch has a higher range, also the ultra pitch is amazing to slightly go faster or slower, no other product has come on to the market that works as well as the Vestax decks , my students love using them and I also work with students with special needs so the ultra pitch and the reverse button is very popular!

I love the Vestax mixers as the cross faders are so slick and you can change the options for scratching. I personally love the earths at the back of the mixers for the decks as they are the easiest to set up, no other mixer has a hole to put the earth through to keep it in place, this is vital on a time schedule going between different schools.

My students work towards the bronze and silver arts award which is a national UK qualification and I have 100% pass rate. I have had over 1000 students pass the bronze award and have taught over 20, 000 students.

I always stuck to vinyl and in the UK they have made such a come back, I love djing on my Vestax turntables and working the mixing and pitch by ear, people are now bored with Dj’s using computers with an aromatic pitch controller, all they can show off is the Eqs and effects when a real DJ works the turntables you can see them work and enjoy it more , I get bored if I use the cdjs and controllers.

I have a show every Sunday at 5-7pm and it’s using turntables and vinyl only,

Every student I teach is able to use the turntables and mixer on their own. Turntables was recognised as a musical instrument In the uk about 5 years ago, this academic year DJ is now part of the music GCSE which is fantastic and shows how the UK is moving on!

Please Vestax bring back your turntables!

The students made Vestax banners for us, thank you so much!!!

1903, 2019

Vestax spirit has being succeeded even now!

March 19th, 2019|NEWS|

I received a great news from one of our great supporter.

I will update the information very soon!

2602, 2019

Message from past Vestax user_8

February 26th, 2019|NEWS|

We received a heartwarming message from past Vestax user.

[the text]

I have been collecting record since approx. 1999. I have been a long time Vestax Fan!

I was originally introduced to your brand with the PMC275 (3x channel gold mixer), I loved this mixer and I was heavily into just mixing records back then.

Soon afterwards I got into scratching and invested in the PMC07ISP, still to this date my favorite mixer of all time, nice clean layout, solid build, surround sound ability – just WOW! It still has the original fader in there, which feels butter smooth and must have had so much abuse over the years.

I have never seen this (quadraphonic) anywhere else and it’s such a cool function. Hehehe I then bought another unit as a spare I loved it so much!

Since then I have acquired quite a collection of mixers and turntables. The PMC07PRO, PMC06D (Samurai), PMC08 (my second favorite mixer, loved the fader control functions of this, this really took the turntablist scene to the next level in my honest opinion.).

I have the PDX2300 mk1, although I love this table, I still prefer the slightly older generation tables, I think they sounded better, but they didn’t have the ultra pitch.

The PDX8000 is one of my most prized possessions, took me years to find one, I wish I could get a second unit so I had a pair, the Yamaha inspired arm on it is so good!!!

I also have been working on customizing my old PDXD3S mk2. I had the plinth resprayed with a purple flake paint job, it looks almost as good as the red PDX8000. I have sourced the J shape dynamic balance arm for this and will be fitting that arm to it probably next week. I can’t wait to test it out!!!

Long story short, I love the Vestax brand. I’m so sad that you are not making scratch mixers anymore. You were always so far ahead of the competition.

2502, 2019

Message from past Vestax user_7

February 25th, 2019|NEWS|

We received a heartwarming message from past Vestax user.

[the text]

I first was exposed to Vestax when I saw a VDA-1000. I was looking for a small powerful amp for a portable PA system. A friend recommended I check out the VDA-1000. My mind was totally blown away. I knew I had to have one. I looked for almost a year before I found one online for sale. Brand new in the box! 

Super clean reliable sound. What else could you ask for?

Now I am older and more exposed I keep coming back to this amp. It is just easy to use and deal with.

I wish I had a couple of Starling amps and a Phoenix mixer for myself. I am sure they are amazing.

1802, 2019

Message from past Vestax user_6

February 18th, 2019|NEWS|

We received a heartwarming message from past Vestax user.

[the text]


I bought my Vestax A1-MkII tables back in 1997, along with a PMC-03a mixer. I didn’t like the mixer, so I traded it in and got a Pioneer DJM 500, which I kept for a few years, but then eventually got the Vestax PVC-275.

They are all still going strong, I have never had to replace any parts on any of them (obviously apart from replacement styli on to my Ortofon cartridges). So they are 22 years old this year and still going strong.

I only wish I could afford the StpVx Phoenix mixer, as I know I would keep that for at least another 25+ years, but as I do not DJ as much as I* used to, I cannot justify the price (and my wife would go mad and kill me).

It’s nice to see Vestax come back into the market though – all this controller / digital stuff is OK; but I still prefer the feel and sound of vinyl – through a quality analogue mixer and then played loudly through quality amplifiers and speakers; I sincerely hope Vestax will become a major player back in the DJ market soon.