1402, 2019

Message from past Vestax user_5

February 14th, 2019|NEWS|

We received a heartwarming message from past Vestax user.

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I’ve been mixing music since the age of 16, my first set of decks and a mixer were on the cheap side (Gemini mixer/turntables) and I had a blast learning how to do the basics on that equipment. But then when I “felt ready” to graduate to equipment more suitable to my developing style I chose a (VESTAX PMC 03-A)mixer and technics turntables with ortafon Concorde stylus (blue) and as I matured behind those desks I bought better equipment that included the VESTAX PMC-15 and vestax turntables as I was now mixing on 4 channels as a “house music” DJ. I had that pmc-15 for about 3 years taking it to clubs and house party’s all over Florida I loved the way it sounded. And then finally FINALLY when I had enough money and was ready to get my dream mixer the (VESTAX PMC-46-mk2) the mixer was no longer available and the vestax Corp. went in a different direction, catering to the new “c.d. D.J phenom. Which is ok for some but I’m a vinyl purest, so I was unfortunately forced to go to other company’s for my mixers. Although somewhere in my heart I still want a vestax mixer. And I’ll tell you this with all honesty and sincerity, I would be the happiest DJ alive if I could get my hands  on the new mixer that StpVESTAX is developing. The weight and construction look second to none. It’s like the Loro piana of mixers. The only thing it’s missing is baby shearling sides and a vicuña top.
I think I’m in love with it.
1202, 2019

Message from past Vestax user_4

February 12th, 2019|NEWS|

We received a heartwarming message from past Vestax user.

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My story with Vestax began when I came upon the VCM-600 in 2009. I was hooked.

The VCM-600 is a machine that I have cherished and still use to this day. It is still supported by Ableton Live in its most recent version (Version 10). It has superior functionality, wonderful design, sturdy and reliable build. It is a modern classic and hope to see something similar again in the near future. I have pictures available upon request and original box as well.

902, 2019

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February 9th, 2019|NEWS|

We received a heartwarming message from past Vestax user.

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Vestax have been the go to choice for Plug Artists club and live events in Ireland since 2005. Label owner and turntablist/ producer Marcus Lester remarks ‘Vestax unique design and stability changed the world for dj’s and especially turntablists with a superior machine to rival Technics 1200 and 1210 models. Innovating the turntable and creating new features along the way made vestax the far superior and more creative experience for the user. The best turntables in the world ever, period’.

802, 2019

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February 8th, 2019|NEWS|

We received a heartwarming message from past Vestax user.

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Hello Vestax Kings!

I have a dj backline rental company, work in Hungary-Europe.

Some old Vestax mixers have in my collection: PMC-25, PMC-05 PRO III, PMC-05PRO IV, PMC-500, PMC-580, VMC-185XL…

The modern dj’s not evaluate the classic traditional brands but I like and respect the old school.

I joy when I see the Vestax brand revived.

The new Phoenix mixer is very-very beautiful and I’m excited waiting to that can I try out it and can I listen in!

3101, 2019

Message from past Vestax user_1

January 31st, 2019|NEWS|

We received a heartwarming message from past Vestax user.

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Having owned a pair of vestax pdx mk3 that I bought of my friends widow, I was truly and genuinely a fan.

For me vestax signifies quality, and usability. The decks I owned were my best friend who died of a blood clot in his lung. They are the decks he taught me to dj mix on. When he died, I just had to have them.

Unfortunately as my daughter grew older I had to sacrifice and sell them to buy her a Nintendo Wii for her birthday. Every time I see a Vestax logo I think back to the many hours I spent on those decks. They gave me so much joy.

I know own a small Vestax DJ controller, I needed something to get my Vestax fix, although, bought of eBay, it serves me well. However, still having my records, I long for the days of playing on Vestax again, I can’t afford to buy them these days with having 2 daughters now, but perhaps someday when I’m retired I can maybe get a set and a mixer and relive my youth.

I honestly cried when I heard Vestax had closed down, but I am so happy to see you back. Thank u for providing me with memories of my dearest friend, and for enabling me to spend many hours lost in DJ mixing.

As someone who has severe depression, it always enabled to escape even for a while. I don’t know why, but no other decks and mixer ever let me leave myself like those Vestax.

If only I could do so these days. Thank you Vestax. And I hope you take your rightful place as the leading brand in audio and DJ equipment, because in my heart, you are already the industry standard. Much love,

From Northern Ireland.