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The audio industry’s desire to pump out more and more devices inevitably results in an emphasis on convenience & price rather than on performance & longevity.

In today’s manufacturing, critical components have been been substituted by general-purpose chips which now flood the world with mediocre sound products.

Should audio equipment be merely “devices for processing” or should they be ‘instruments’ necessary for “expression of, and appeal to, human senses” ?

stpVx  wishes to regain this lost “personality of sound”.  For those not satisfied with the prevailing sound-world of today, I wish to help you maximize your creative experience by returning to the roots of electronic sound, with products designed for masterful manipulation by humans rather than cheap, convenient, or disposable gadgets.

Rejecting the current industry practice of built-in obsolescence, we build to a standard.  We have returned to manufacturing robust parts and ergonomic control knobs, which are designed for human hands and eyes.

Our products’ core philosophy also aims to enhance your creative energy and help you realize a truly unique sound experience.

If you can empathize with our approach, we want to design and provide future products with you.

“Manufacturing requires boundless passion. And a person must be driven, and aggressively and progressively create and produce – through inspiration and perspiration – while learning by trial and error.”


I have deviated from the usual way of thinking in the industry with its cost-cutting and resulting performance-degradation, and have built a product that aims to deliver for the DJ both high-quality sound and professional operation without compromising on product-performance.

Hidesato Shiino

A digital power amplifier for super home-listening/small-venue installation, and which integrates high-level exclusive technologies and ideas for both Hi-Fi Audio and Pro-Audio applications.


stpVx is born in the tradition of Shiino Musical Instruments which commenced its business in 1977 in Shibuya, Tokyo as a design office to engage in the manufacture and sales of guitars and component amplifiers.

Since its foundation, trying to combine rapidly improving technologies with humanity, we have been creating new product categories, such as world’s first stereo signal, pre-amplifier for use with musical instruments, compress or/limiter, voice changers for Karaoke, table-top Multi Track Recorders, table-top CD players for professional DJs, digital space commanders, DJ mixers, digital controlled turntables , active audio, vinyl cutting machines, computer audio digital interfaces, and many more.

Over the years, the company has expanded its business areas and its name was also changed to “Vestax Corporation” in 1987. While the original Vestax Corporation has closed its doors, the people behind it have come together to continue this history of innovation.

The following timeline describes the visionary product-developments, and the creation and establishment of their market.



Releases a rotary mixer with the world's highest standards of sound quality, R-1 Premium. The PMC-05Proll wins the best mixer award in DJ MAG.



"Vestax TO THE CORE", a complete DJ and street culture lifestyle store. Awards; PMC-07Pro and PMC-270 - Best Mixer, PDX-2000 Best Turntable, VRX-2000 the Most Innovative Product.



Debut of the VRX-2000, PMC-170A BEST MIXER OF THE YEAR and GOOD DESIGN AWARD, PDX-2000 Best Turntable of the year award in the UK and GOOD DESIGN AWARD in Japan.

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