Hou-ou [PHOENIX]

Explore your creativity beyond the realm of homogenized sound

A first step in the return of real sound, sound with personality begins with the Hou-ou [PHOENIX] professional DJ mixer. Designed from the ground up with controls satisfying to use, easy to see and robust enough to evolve with your own creativity.

Decades of DJ mixer know-how of DJ are contained in the Hou-ou [PHOENIX] which used discrete circuits to realize analogue sound and is powered by an original large, ever spec transformer to produce unique sound with personality.


The Phoenix Professional DJ Mixer is an all-round type 4CH mixer, created through careful design and tapping the abundant development/experience history and knowledge-base of its sound equipment master-craftspersons. It is manufactured using the highest technologies.


With the integrated enhancer effector, it enables an unique sound outline finish correction, and offers effects which can produced analog-circuits and  “Made in Japan” to the highest manufacturing, technology, and quality-control standards.