The STARLING Digital Hi-Fi power amplifier for music-lovers who desire to hear the pure sound essence of musical instruments.

Designed for super home-listening/small-venue installation integrating high-level exclusive technologies and ideas for both Hi-Fi Audio and Pro-Audio applications.  The input level setting, which is essential in the pursuit of quality sound production, can be checked by using a high-quality pro-standard VU meter, as each channel has an independent attenuator.  Level matching can be done at 0 dB, 10 dB, 20 dB or ∞ with the rotary selector, while the VU meter can display both input and output levels by switching.

RED LED indicates that INPUT is selected, and BLUE LED indicates OUTPUT is selected, allowing the current displayed level to be immediately recognized.

SEND OUT is equipped to output the input signal directly as line level, and is intended for constructing various installation systems such as using multiple amps / speakers at the same time, or adding a powered woofer and it is also possible to output the signal to another power amplifier that drives a passive woofer, by turning on the built-in low pass filter circuit.

The filtering frequency point can be adjusted with the rotary volume from 80 Hz to 350 Hz (-12 dB / oct). Moreover, phase (0 degree / 180 degrees) switch enables to resolve the clogged bass due to the interference of the full-range and woofer.

With three kinds of inputs: RCA, Φ 6.3 standard phone, XLR (balance / 2 HOT), it allows the user to select the best input option depending on the application.

For speaker terminals, it adopts a large-size connector terminal which is easy to connect and less prone to causing short circuit accidents due to frayed wire. In addition, it is equipped with professional audio standard SPEAKON NL4 terminals. Realize excellent channel separation ability by strictly separating LR channels of volume control, attenuator, circuit, etc. Stand out sound images of voices and instruments by clarifying the sound localization of individual sound source in music to avoid auditory masking effect of similar frequency bandwidth.

Rack mount size EIA 19 “2U.

Maximum operation output: 100 W + 100 W / 8 ohm (150 W + 150 W / 4 ohm)

Power Supply from an extra large R core transformer supports the super high speed signal, and produces a natural and powerful drive which exceeds digital amplifier performance.