There is no printed warranty card included. The purchase date, owner information, and the serial number of this unit will be registered and managed by “Stpvestax LLP”, and can be verified by the dealer or owner by contacting the manufacturer “Stpvestax LLP” (stpvestax.com). (Privacy/Personal data is strictly handled). If the unit’s owner changes, the warranty period will be continued by verifica- tion from both the previous owner and the new owner.

※ From the date from the original retail purchase.

※ The owner shall bear the freight-costs for repair, even within the warranty period.

For repair consultation and product questions, please contact your original dealer from whom you

purchased the unit, or “Stpvestax LLP” (stpvestax. Com)


For unit failures or faults, immediately cease using it and request a repair from the original dealer from whom you purchased the unit. (Even within the warranty period, repair fees may be charged depending upon the nature and cause of the defect).

During the warranty period, repairs will be performed according to our warranty policy.

Following the expiration of the warranty period, the unit can be repair at your request. If you require an estimate first, please tell us in advance. An “Estimate Fee” will also be charged, but it will be included in that repair fee if you decide to proceed with the repair.

If for any reason, the original dealer from whom you purchased the unit has closed, please contact “Stpvestax LLP” (stpvestax.com) for support.


Repairs may not be possible, or we may refuse to repair a unit if it exhibits any of the following condi- tions … Faults caused by opening and modifying the unit by the Purchaser or 3rd Party. Additionally, in the case where liquid-spillage from drinks or continued usage in wet environments has resulted in prior repairs, the unit may fail again due to adjunct damage which develops over time. Therefore, a repair cannot be guaranteed to prevent a recurrence of product failure or faults.


We are not able to offer a replacement unit during the repair period. If using our unit for business purposes, we recommend you purchase a back-up machine as necessary.