The Hou-ou (PHONENIX) professional DJ mixer from STPVestax is sold out in February, 2022.

We sincerely appreciate those who purchased this product and a lot of Vestax fans showing us interests in.

Please look forward to our next products.

VESTAX parametric isolator DCR-2500F is now on sale and well appreciated !
This product is direct- selling only from Japan to an user.
HP : www.vestaxtothecore.com
mailto : info@vestaxtothecore.com

An installation example
We will start accepting advance reservations for registrants only.


After making an advance reservation, users who have officially purchased the product will receive one ARITA porcelain cup from the Vestax club.

Due to the COVID-19, the production has been delayed. Hewecer, we will release the product in August 2021.


High-performance isolator that inherits the VESTAX original isorator circuit.
Dividing points with a wide range of movement can be adjusted steplessly.
A filter effect equipped with a resonance function at that point.

Tech Support for "Previous/OLD" Vestax product for Europe

If you are looking for technical support for previous/old VESTAX products, [......]

New product # DCR-2020

A new high-quality isolator
A compact and high-spec isolator adopting many techniqes used in Vestax DCR-1200, DCR-1500 and the built-in isolator in Hou-ou mixer.Cut-off frequency is best suited to divide music among those.

Creating your original sound spase
By using three band divided outputs, plural speaker systems for each frequency-band can be connected. - - - Switchable into two band.
You can create your own sound space by adjusting the speaker positions.

Comming soon !

Unique Brazilian DJ "bikebeats"

Music can be played even without the power supply anywhere !

Ricardo Bertello Vilaris AKA bikebeats is a DJ who travels with his bike and his DJ equipment as plays his music with solar power in Brazil. [.....]

The UK DJ champion DJ Miss Tyson

Let me introduce our brilliant supporter Julie Sacre and her promising students.

We really appreciate that they gave us the permission to introduce them in our website and also thank Hinchley Wood School which allowed us to use its name here.[.....]

Vestax sprit has being succeeded even now !

I received a great news from one of our great supporter.
I will update the information very soon !

Message from past Vestax user_8

We received a heartwarming message from past Vestax user.

I have been collecting record since approx. 1999. I have been a long time Vestax Fan!
I was originally introduced to your brand with the PMC275 (3x channel gold mixer), I loved this mixer and I was heavily into just mixing records back then.

Message from past Vestax user_7

We received a heartwarming message from past Vestax user.

I first was exposed to Vestax when I saw a VDA-1000. I was looking for a small powerful amp for a portable PA system. A friend recommended I check out the VDA-1000.[.....]

Message from past Vestax user_6

We received a heartwarming message from past Vestax user.

I bought my Vestax A1-MkII tables back in 1997, along with a PMC-03a mixer. I didnft like the mixer, so I traded it in and got a Pioneer DJM 500, which I kept for a few years, but then eventually got the Vestax PVC-275.[.....]

Message from past Vestax user_5

We received a heartwarming message from past Vestax user.

Ifve been mixing music since the age of 16, my first set of decks and a mixer were on the cheap side (Gemini mixer/turntables) and I had a blast learning how to do the basics on that equipment. [.....]

Message from past Vestax user_4

We received a heartwarming message from past Vestax user.

My story with Vestax began when I came upon the VCM-600 in 2009. I was hooked.
The VCM-600 is a machine that I have cherished and still use to this day. [.....]

Message from past Vestax user_3

We received a heartwarming message from past Vestax user.

Vestax have been the go to choice for Plug Artists club and live events in Ireland since 2005.[.....]

Message from past Vestax user_2

We received a heartwarming message from past Vestax user.

I have a dj backline rental company, work in Hungary-Europe.
Some old Vestax mixers have in my collection: PMC-25, PMC-05 PRO III, PMC-05PRO IV, PMC-500, PMC-580, VMC-185XLc.[.....]

Message from past Vestax user_1

We received a heartwarming message from past Vestax user.

Having owned a pair of vestax pdx mk3 that I bought of my friends widow, I was truly and genuinely a fan.For me vestax signifies quality, and usability. The decks I owned were my best friend who died of a blood clot in his lung. They are the decks he taught me to dj mix on. When he died, I just had to have them..[.....]